Here are some testimonies from past clients:

 ALEX PALMER   a week ago-    I probably did not deserve to hand in my last-minute  dissertation on time but I did, all thanks to this printing service. Would recommend to anyone  with similarly bad time-management skills!

 Stephanie Francia  5 months ago-  The lady is a life-savior, I was so distressed yesterday  but she managed to softbind everything in a really quick way! She was really nice, and I had  a good time chatting! highly recommended!

 Hardeep Manic  5 months ago-   Great experience, really fast and efficient service. Took  just 15 minutes. Junita is very friendly and I was very surprised with how much knowledge  she has regarding Warwick Dissertations.

 Stela Makri  5 months ago-   Excellent binding job and express service! They've responded  promptly to my request, even on a busy time (just before dissertation deadline).    I'm very  pleased with the result!

 Jason Li  5 months ago-  The service there is really nice and so fast that I have finished  my three bindings in five minutes!

 多啦  6 months ago-  Very fast and good service, near to the uni. They even reminded me of online     submission which many students didn't know, that helped me a lot !

 Tammi Ajayi  a year ago-  This is ultimately the best binding service ever, professional, organised       and great prices, and great service,it literally saved me in a moment of distress,blessing in disguise.

 Matt C 6 months ago-  Extremely fast printing+binding service! Got my dissertation printed and nicely     bind within 20minutes, near uni of warwick, RECOMMEND!! Thanks Junita :)

  Zhang Xuan  a year ago-  good !!!

 I came for binding only and in 10 minutes I had 2 copies of my  thesis ready to submit. Great service!... Aistis, PhD Warwick  Nov 2014

 The service has been amazing. I was very anxious about not printing in  time for my submission, but thanks to Harmony Soft Binding I made it!
 Michele Bruzzi,
 MA Warwick University

 What great and fast service.  I don't know what I would had done if  Harmony Soft Binding wasn't there to help me submit my work just in  time.  Thanks a lot and thanks goodness you were there!!!.............. Annie,  PhD Warwick.

 Harmony Soft Binding is a life saver as I had problem getting my  dissertation completed in time and their express though I had to pay the  extra got my work submitted on time just before the 4pm dateline!!!  Many  many thanks....... Jon, MSc Warwick,

 No doubt a life saver!  Many thanks.......... Jonathan, WMG  Warwick.

 Thanks God I found Harmony Soft Binding as every other place to went to  couldn't do it in time but HSB did it for me for my 12pm dateline. ....... Jan,  WBS Warwick.

 Fast and excellent work, got my thesis done in  time........... Khim, PhD Warwick.

 No where were open at the weekend especially the bank holiday and my  submission was on Tues at 12! and  HSB saved me!  Great help and what a  fast service, thanks..............Wesley, MSc Coventry

 Real nightmare, submission after a bank holiday and panic panic no  one open on bank holiday monday then I found HSB, a great life save,  thanks.......... Elaine, MBA Warwick.

 I couldn't find anywhere that would do binding while you wait and I was  having kittens until I found HSB and they bound my printed stuff in 20  mins while I waited.  Great work guys!!!......... Chris, MA Coventry

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